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Welcome to LifEase Products LLC!

Since 2011, we have offered products designed to overcome obstacles of daily living and make life easier.  Our products were born from need - our own need.  Our products are thoroughly tested and made available only when we are satisfied with their performance.


Our website has been rearranged a bit.  We hope you find it more "user friendly".  Paying with a credit card has become a whole lot easier.  Click on "check out" and simply add your information.  You will find large quantity pricing along with the 3 bar pricing.  And finally, we've eliminated repetition.  If you have comments, please email to


LASSOAP - Your Favorite Soap-on-a-Rope


In the United States, one in every 3 adults over the age of 65 falls each year. On average, there are 341 accidental deaths related to falls in the bathtub or shower. Lassoap is being made to address this alarming statistic.


Enjoy your favorite soap - now soap-on-a-rope.  Never worry about dropping soap again. And stay SAFE.




According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, about 2 million people take blood thinners every day to keep from developing dangerous blood clots and to prevent strokes and heart attacks.   Warfarin, the generic version of the brand name Coumadin, is the most commonly prescribed medication in its class.  The Food and Drug Administration estimates that there were 31 million prescriptions written for the drug in 2004.


With the LifEase Wound Seal Kit, products have been assembled in a zippered bag to help with unexpected external bleeds that result from a simple bump to delicate skin.  This kit contains 4 individual use applications of the revolutionary WoundSeal Powder*, which successfully stops bleeding quickly. Additional items will help control bleeding, cover and protect the affected area and promote healing.

     *WoundSeal Powder is the trademark of Biolife LLC.




The PIC-IT is a new household retrieval device developed to address the limitations of the traditional "grabber'" you may have been given after joint replacement surgery.  The PIC-IT, with both a magnet and a sticky surface will retrieve things that the traditional grabber cannot including coins, paper, keys, pins, eating utensil, pills and so much more. 


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Latest News


Because of a request, we have added Lassoap Kirk's Castile Soap-on-a-Rope.  This soap is fragrance free.



In order to extend the life of Lassoap, we've made an improvement.  You will notice that we've inserted a plastic sleeve into the channel holding the cord, under the top knot.  This sleeve reinforces the channel wall of the soap preventing the cord from breaking through at the top of the soap.  Tell us what you think.


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